Accounts Receivable Training

Accounts Receivable Management (Credit, Collections, Recovery and Agency Management) Training for the Communications Services Provider (CSP) Industry

“The event brought lots of great ideas that can readily be applied across our customer portfolio to help us further improve our customer experience and grow sales whilst keeping our bad-debt under control. Really very useful to stimulate change!”


Collection & Customer Support Manager


High-impact Training

Cash flow is the company heartbeat. It’s best to keep that healthy! Improving credit risk and cash positions by reducing aging, bad (and doubtful) debt and write-off will enable a more robust financial health and free up working capital.


Our training is specifically tailored to the Communications Service Provider (CSP) sector including telecommunications (mobile/cellular/wireless and landline/fixed network operators, virtual network operators etc.), cable operators, Internet Service Providers (ISP), satellite services etc.


Training is packaged to cater for different functional and stakeholder needs and covers credit origination, credit control (together credit management), collections, recovery (debt management), agency management and areas that bind these together like technology, measurement, reporting, and insights. Our training reflects the importance of the customer throughout to ensure that customer centricity and balanced risk management are prevalent in the design thinking behind the materials.


There are many lessons to take from others who have learned the hard way! With our specialist Accounts Receivable Management training we provide a great framework to align the various stakeholder business functions to common goals and improved business performance and functional leadership to drive extra performance. Plus we teach the practical hands-on skills and knowledge to really bring design into practice with real impact across the hands-on team. Training that brings rapid and dramatic results.


Rapid and effective change is possible

Training Value Accelerators help take theory into practice with rapid results...

Case Study

As a direct result of changes made following the Receivables Management MasterClass and 1-Day Accelerator Workshop, one client measured and provided the results of their refreshed strategy. Changes were applied over a few weeks following event delivery and measured over subsequent months; end-to-end a 5-month change and result assessment period. Highlights include:


Key Result Indicators
  • 60% increase in collections; 37-89 day aging bucket
  • 50% increase in collections; 90-120 day aging bucket
  • 45% improvement in annualized bad debt ratio
  • Improved engagement with Marketing and Product Development

“The training was well presented, including many real life examples and case-study exercises to crystallize the training with the participants. The trainers brought a wide range of business experience and a deep technical knowledge which helped us to increase our theoretical understanding and generate practical solutions to current business problems”


M. Davies
Financial Control Director


What you will do with this training

  • Align all business stakeholders to a process design that really works to all their benefit and business goals
  • Build better customer relationships across the customer lifecycle; make credit and collections contacts a positive customer experience
  • Get paid on time! Make your business 'front of mind' when it comes to being paid
  • Improve customer take-on whilst reducing your credit risk; never say "No" and balance your risk
  • Understand how to predict risk or credit breaches and proactively work with customers to manage exposure and negative consequences
  • Increase collections effectiveness and reduce collections effort by tailoring treatments and dunning to the customer
  • Drive efficiencies with contact channels and automation to bring in more cash for less effort
Keep the cash heartbeat strong

Packaged Classroom Training

These training events are 'off-the-shelf' packages but if you wish to have a customized or bespoke training solution, please drop us a line and we will arrange to discuss your needs.

Receivables Management MasterClass

A holistic perspective of the essential tools and techniques needed to implement or re-engineer a high-performance Receivables Management strategy and end-to-end process.

Who is it for?

All policy and process owners and stakeholders, Product Management, Finance, Customer Services, Sales, Operational Excellence, IT Business Partners etc.


Receivables Management Performance Leader

Fine-tune operations, focus resources, motivate team members, manage external agencies and establish ongoing measurement and improvement mechanisms. Practical tips and lessons learned from global best practices are shared and considered in real-life scenarios.

Who is it for?

Process team leaders, managers, and department heads: Credit Management, Collections, Recovery and Agency Management.


Effective Collections Skills

Building hands-on practical collections skills. Learn a structured customer engagement approach, how to build and deliver appropriate communications,  dealing with excuses and awkward customers, managing business and government customers, keeping 'front of mind' for payments ahead of competing bills. Delegates will understand how best to approach receivables management contacts for optimum effect.

Who is it for?

Call center/customer engagement process team actors and agents, internal or external, employed in customer engagement and/or progressing treatment plans/dunning with customers.


Accounts receivable optimisation matters
Diagnose telecoms fraud before it kills your business
Do you know how much revenue and cost your business is leaking?

Customised or combined training?

We can customize or combine our standard events, or write all-new material to suit your needs. Drop us a line...we're listening!

AssuringBusiness partnering in profitability

Our Approach

AssuringBusiness has been delivering Receivables Management training since 2009. Content is based on decades of practitioner, consulting and leadership experience since 1989. As active industry practitioners undertaking a wide range of projects, we update the materials regularly to ensure that we reflect best-practices and real-world scenarios.


The training events shown here are 'off-the-shelf' packages ready to deliver in your preferred venue but we are also able to customize our events, combine them or write all-new material to enhance the impact. A quick conversation will determine the best approach for your business. Also, watch out for our open events that we take on tour from time to time.


Highly interactive sessions - our trainers are practitioners and/or active consultants - enable delegates to really squeeze the knowledge lemon to relate the training to their own, unique circumstances. We hope to see you and your team soon!

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