Business Assurance

Business Assurance Defined


Business Assurance manages risk whilst leveraging organisation, technology and operations to enable sustainable business growth, performance and profitability.


Good Business Assurance does not slow an enterprise down, it helps it move faster; strengthening revenues, reducing costs, enhancing customer experience.


Business Assurance is impartial and always acts in the best interests of the enterprise’s stated objectives. In the telecoms industry, Business Assurance typically encompasses the domains of Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management, Receivables Management and Security, but others may also feature - there is no right or wrong approach to organizational structures.

What we do

AssuringBusiness delivers Business Assurance Services to the Communications Service Provider (CSP) community including telecommunications mobile/cellular/wireless and landline/fixed network operators, virtual network operators, cable network operators, Internet Service Providers (ISP), satellite services etc.


Our expertise in balancing risk with revenue and profitability gains comes with a huge inclusive dose of 'business common sense'... meaning our approach and outcomes are innovative yet pragmatic, customer centric, aligned to business goals and extremely cost-effective.

Revenue Assurance

Telecoms Revenue Assurance functions seek to optimize the profitability of an enterprise and enhance the customer experience in terms of accuracy and completeness of billing and charging. Many also include Cost Assurance in scope. With a mature and optimized practice, RA teams become a critical business function adding directly to the top and bottom line whilst reducing complaints and regulatory issues.

Fraud Management

Telecoms Fraud affects pretty much every service provider in one way or another. Fraud Management is an essential function requiring excellent proactive prevention, detection and response mechanisms to mitigate risk. Huge financial and reputational impacts are avoided with well-tuned Fraud Management functions. Working with business, technology and product owners to design and operate services at low risk is an essential operational component.

Receivables Management

Receivables Management directly affects working capital, cash flow, and customer experience. Credit, Collections, Recovery, and Agency Management should not be considered ‘back office’ Finance Operations - they a dominant feature of the customer lifecycle engaging across key business functions and directly with your customers. With a focus on policy, engagement strategy and efficiency options, there are dramatic gains to be had.

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Accounts receivable management training
Test your prepaid vouchers and scratch cards for fraud
Audit your prepaid service and suppliers

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