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What’s your specialism?

Although we have undertaken many projects our core competencies lie in the areas of:

  • Telecoms Revenue Assurance - preserving profitability by maximizing revenues, ensuring billing and charging is complete and accurate, and managing costs. Fine-tune Revenue Assurance Systems to avoid costly replacement. Improve RA team effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Telecoms Fraud Management - prevent, detect, analyze and respond to fraud efficiently and effectively. Prevention focus optimizes effort and costs. Fine tune Fraud Management Systems (FMS) to avoid costly replacement. Improve team performance.
  • Receivables Management optimization - refining or re-engineering the end-to-end Accounts Receivable approach (credit origination, credit control, collections, recovery, agency management) to all market segments. Ensuring policy and treatment plans optimize resources and results to improve on-time payment, reduce bad debt and strengthen customer relationships. Fine tune Receivables Management Systems to avoid costly replacement. We also provide expert Receivables Management Training.
  • Prepaid voucher and scratch card fraud and security testing - using 'street and lab' attack methods to simulate common and more sophisticated attacks to compromise vouchers/cards in the supply chain, identifying improvement to design and manufacture.
  • Prepaid voucher & scratch card supplier security audit of the production process and/or internal management process review to ensure the integrity of design materials, PIN/Win codes,  production, and logistics practices.
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) strategic program design,  building delivery capability in your organization or RPA execution as a trusted partner including qualified RPA configurators, process specialists, program leads and business/IT interfaces where needed.
  • Shared Services & GBS Design and Optimization - building or refining the model, engagement, and practices to ensure ongoing optimized return on investment and execution quality.
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Performance Management - Support to the design and procurement of BPO Services and the refresh of engagement and performance management practices to ensure maximum quality and cost benefits.
  • Performance and Innovation Centre (PIC) - the engine room for performance, PIC can be designed-in to your existing operating models - resourcing within, built afresh to specific design needs or delivered with AssuringBusiness as trusted partners with skin in the game.
  • Procurement lead or support - expert leadership and/or support to design, requirements definition and vendor response assessment.  Drive optimum solutions and commercial positions throughout the procurement cycle.

Where do you operate?


Do you provide services to suppliers/vendors?

Of course! Our expertise is often applied to help vendors build their product or develop market traction, assignment themes including:

  • Application design - framing a new product, evolutionary step or complete product roadmap, AssuringBusiness practitioners will apply their many years of experience to design best-in-class solutions or identify improvements to existing products with a focus on operational success and strategic imperative.
  • Strategy Development - driving new or enhanced strategic themes for businesses seeking growth or entry into new product or market segments.
  • Business and Operational Development - interim management leadership or specific development assignments to help build strategy, market traction, and operational positions.
  • RFI/RFP support - expert input and support to drive a winning response in any of our specialist areas. Clearly, to avoid conflict of interest, we would not be able to support a vendor in assignments where we already support the client.

What is your operating model?

We know that one size does not fit all! AssuringBusiness is flexible in our delivery and operating models offering services from pure consulting assignments, contracts or interim management assignments through to fully managed/outsourced service components. And yes, we are open to gain-share agreements providing that the benefits can be measured and our sphere of influence is aligned to deliver the results committed.

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