Performance & Innovation Center

Business functions, Shared Services and BPO operations need constant innovation and performance stimulation to succeed

Whatever the business function, most can benefit from enhanced performance...better customer experience, improved efficiency/cost, reduced error rates, enhanced governance/controls and so on. This is especially true when you have consolidated some operations to Shared Services or BPO.


'Operational immersion' is a common issue in intensive functional/operating environments where proactive improvement can be greatly diminished. Edge-of-the-desk improvement initiatives and casual team focus are all too common. Or at the other end of the scale when things have become particularly stale, a costly transformation program may be required.


Understandably, neither of these extremes is very efficient - there is a better way. A different type of thinking and approach can overcome the problems associated with operational immersion and stimulate true innovation and change.

Performance and innovation centre

Why PIC?

People, process, and technology are of course the main pillars of success. But adding a performance and innovation enabling wrapper to drive specific and continuous improvement across these pillars has proven to drive significantly enhanced success. So, take your PIC!


A PIC is focussed on optimization. Doing more with less. Stimulating quality. Enhancing customer experience. Reducing costs. Improving cycle times. Reducing errors. Thinking of things nobody has done before. Doing things others have done, but better. Taking people away from the 'front line' to 'think improvement' is a great start. Cementing a PIC with respected operational people at the core helps to stimulate a cultural commitment to high-performance. And once the culture is set, momentum is just that much easier to maintain.

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PIC your future performance...

Take the next step in performance gearing with PIC. Get in touch today to better understand how we can help transform results...

How we help

AssuringBusiness offers our Performance and Innovation Center (PIC) as a fully integrated team and service, or as a 'toolbox' to access as needs arise. Options include:

  • Design and build an internal PIC fully resourced within your own organization. Internal capability built on proven foundations, fully documented with training and functional coaching for a set period until fully autonomous.
  • Deploy an AssuringBusiness PIC as a trusted partner. Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) or ongoing outsourcing relationship options to ensure optimum impact.
  • Integrate a hybrid PIC model. Combining your internal team with selected AssuringBusiness resources to leverage internal cost structures and external expertise.
  • Utilize select services 'al la carte'. Pick and choose what is needed and when; specialist projects for targeted improvement.

The key to success is that PIC is focussed on improvement - it's not a side issue or added responsibility - the team is driven and rewarded by solely tangible improvements. Once established and running smoothly, you can sit back and enjoy the ongoing benefits that they bring.

AssuringBusiness partnering in profitability
Measurement reporting and insights

Some of the tools in the toolbox

With a scope across the pillars of technology, process and people, a truly holistic and optimized change perspective can be achieved. PIC works with management, stakeholders, and partners to embed the PIC and leverage the various integrated tools and tactics, including:

  • Viral Improvement Plan (VIP) - creating a culture where all team members are enthused to identify and deliver on improvement initiatives across the pillars. Implementing a mechanism to capture, assess,  implement and track effective improvements, measuring outcomes and rewarding success.

  • Measurement, Reporting and Insights (MRI) - a critical performance enabler and often overlooked in terms of impact and business focus. AssuringBusiness will refine existing tools or design a new MRI framework depending on needs. Data and technology considerations included in the scope.

  • Talent and attrition management - ensuring an end-to-end view of operational teams through recruitment, onboarding, operations and development of self and career. Tracking and proactively addressing attrition risk. Understanding the attitude and aptitude characteristics needed to sustain an ongoing improvement culture helps to shape the talent pool and development practices.

  • Organization structures - assessing and refining team structures to optimize process efficiency and effectiveness, tailoring to business needs with industry best-practices influencing approach and decisions. Understanding automation impact and the hybrid digital workforce options to shape organizational plans.

  • Technology/automation - review current and future tactical and strategic options, itemizing and scheduling quick-wins from existing technologies whilst assessing options for fundamental change where cost-benefits are evident. Understanding whether and how to leverage Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in the specific environment would also be considered.

People matter
  • Process improvements - although re-engineering is often the holy grail, there are normally a host of quick-wins and moderate changes that do not require such a dramatic change or cost. That said, our approach will consider whether and how to plan minor to major changes and present the case with recommendations on how to proceed as a continuous cycle. Execution fully supported or led as required.

  • Transformation - some businesses will have been tweaking their technology, processes and organizational practices for years and may arrive at a point where transformation is considered the next best step. PIC will help to define, design, plan and execute on transformation programs.

All of the above seeks to not only leverage the latest best-practices but also create best-practices from our AssuringBusiness continuous improvement and innovation focus. New tools, technologies, practices and delivery methods are continuously assessed to consider in every client engagement.

PIC your future performance...

Take the next step in performance gearing with PIC. Get in touch today to better understand how we can help transform results...

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