Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) creates an effective digital workforce opportunity that is shaping the future of organisational design and operational best practices

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can generate significant cost savings with increased productivity and quality, enhancing customer experience and business results. The challenge comes in how to frame an approach that gets the job done with optimum impact, risk and cost, achieving a sustainable delivery regime whilst balancing tactical and strategic imperatives.


Many businesses, in all sectors, are now driving RPA strategies. It makes huge commercial sense; improved efficiency, operational quality, governance/controls and productivity all up for grabs. Ultimately those customer experience and cost targets get a lot easier to hit with a well-considered RPA program integrated into the overall automation and workforce planning initiatives.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Services

RPA is a leading component of the new wave of digital transformation. AssuringBusiness provides all the strategic design and delivery expertise that you may need. Partnering with your chosen tool provider, or helping to select the most appropriate tool for your needs, AssuringBusiness engagement models are flexible and high-impact to ensure success. Services include:

  • Strategy - defining RPA strategy to meet current and future business needs. Aligning affected business units and leadership. Consideration of technology and process landscape to determine appropriate program components and timescales.

  • Vendor Engagement - establishing or refining the framework for engagement with the tool vendor of your choice, or supporting/leading the selection of the most appropriate tool for your needs; attended/desktop, unattended, technology, and business needs considered.

  • Workforce Planning and Impact Management - identifying RPA opportunities and devising the optimum digital-human workforce strategy. Working with HR functions to plan approach, minimize the impact of affected team members and develop talent management plans to cater for RPA enabled operations.

  • Delivery Practice - end-to-end (discovery, assessment, process deep-dives, project planning and management, RPA configuration, Governance etc.) options for support, lead or fully outsourcing delivery and/or developing your internal teams to systematic and sustainable practices. See also our Performance and Innovation Center (PIC) services.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is enabling innovative digital workforce planning

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Workforce Planning

Businesses can now actively plan and engage a digital workforce alongside humans as it navigates its evolution. Whilst established and mature businesses can bring about significant transformation, new businesses arguably have an even greater opportunity to plan and build a hybrid workforce without the challenges associated with human workforce displacement. And when considering the opportunities with Shared Service center and/or BPO partners, the scope, and potential benefits are greatly enhanced.


RPA can deliver rapid and meaningful results. Building your RPA plans in the context of a wider digital, process and organizational strategy makes a lot of sense. For example, robotics could be considered ‘disposable’ when positioned in a wider transformation or automation strategy to ensure that the business case for fundamental lasting change is not dismantled.


AssuringBusiness will review options and plan a sensible design approach, leveraging quick-wins whilst considering the bigger picture and strategic goals to ensure appropriate priorities.

Delivery Practice

With so many options and approaches to RPA, let alone the potentially costly impact of a poorly conceived approach, it can be a little daunting. So why not learn from the lessons of others? No need to make the same mistakes. And getting into the delivery groove in a way that reflects your business culture and needs is essential.


In-house, outsourced and hybrid delivery models are all common and each will have varying benefits depending on the business and its culture. Developing to a systematic delivery methodology that takes advantage of low-hanging fruit whilst considering the bigger strategic picture is essential.


AssuringBusiness helps to navigate the path to establishing a successful, highly effective RPA strategy and delivery program. We will work alongside your existing team or lead a program for end-to-end delivery as a trusted partner, leveraging internal and external resources to suit business culture and budgets. Optimising the discovery, design, delivery, testing and operational maintenance of robotics is more straightforward when incorporating some well-earned insights to steer the way, reducing the risk and cost of a successful RPA program.

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