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Fraud takes many forms in various industries. Having worked extensively in Telecommunications and Financial Services, many would agree that there is a significant element of internal risk: collusion and direct employee fraud. Also the effects of negligence, poor practice and human error will create fraud opportunities to be exploited by others.   Although Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is usually associated with efficiency and quality targets, there is also a big opportunity to reduce fraud risk. Taking the human factor out of the equation in key (at risk) processes such as payments processing, cash......

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RPA is the Digital Workforce

The Digital Workforce is here. And yes, there is almost certain to be an impact on jobs. Longer-term this may present some new challenges as society grapples with the integration of robots in many aspects of our lives.   Some will argue that it’s not new. We’ve been there before in the industrial and various waves of technology revolutions since. Humans adapted and jobs were preserved via the new technology supply and utilization scope. Until now. Recent research suggests that robotics and similar technologies are going to create a widening gap in the job market. I can’t......

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