Training Value Accelerators

Enhance the benefits of training in practice

Sometimes all that is needed to really bring training to life in your business, and realize the benefits of the acquired knowledge, is a little nudge in the right direction. To help our clients get the maximum value from the investment in our renown training events we are pleased to offer these excellent Value Accelerators.


Our Value Accelerator packages help you clarify and identify the necessary changes, benchmark against best-practices, align resources and kick-start the execution of prioritized implementation plans continuing to develop expertise in real-life operations. Putting theory into practice straight away, with impressive results.

Rapid and effective change is possible

High-velocity Workshop

The trainer will extend on-site time to deliver a high-engagement workshop (one or several as needed) with key process stakeholders, designers and/or actors to develop alignment and plans for rapid and effective policy and operational improvements.

  • Develop a common understanding of how theory would apply in practice within the local environment
  • Align departments, functions, and people to a common vision; remove barriers to success
  • Define and initiate practical steps to change with expert guidance
  • Motivate cross-team working for ongoing collaboration

Bolt-on Option

Although you are free to take the advice given during the High-Velocity Workshop and close the engagement at that stage, we recommend that the advice provided be recorded for reference by the client to enable execution planning and tracking. If required, and for a small additional cost, our Consultant will document recommendations in tabular form, suggesting priorities based on our understanding of your current situation and business goals.

Coaching helps training stick and people grow

Expert Coaching

Our expert trainers and consultants may be used to enhance the training with focused coaching as short to long-term development programs. Costs are controlled via distance/virtual coaching where appropriate and on-site where necessary and approved.

  • Individual or team focussed
  • Specific improvement/change projects or general performance coaching
  • Expertise injected to motivate and drive sticky learning for true personal/team development
  • Vastly enhanced results; outcomes and timescales
  • Increased energy and motivation for continuous improvement

Bolt-on Option

Throughout the engagement, our expert coaches will be able to appraise team members against agreed skill and competency areas, providing practical feedback and input to the tuning of development plans. Combining coaching with the Skills and Competency Assessment is a very cost-effective way to optimize team development.

Competency assessment to drive development

Skills and Competency Assessment

Often functional managers do not have the bandwidth to evaluate team member knowledge, skills, and competencies in relevant functional areas. Managers may also benefit from an impartial, expert and structured detailed assessment to ratify thinking and help frame specific and focused development plans for optimized performance.

  • Comprehensive domain knowledge, competency and skill appraisal of individual team members
  • Team structure and culture improvement observations
  • Deliverables include a gap assessment (against current and future role requirements) and recommended development plans to enable optimum performance and motivation of individuals and the team

Bolt-on Option

Using our experienced domain and operational leadership knowledge we can provide organization redesign and detailed role profiles to meet strategic or tactical business needs.

Awareness to drive alignment and support

Key Stakeholder Awareness

Whatever the level of engagement, a presentation of independent expert findings with business and executive stakeholders is an excellent way to help raise awareness, drive support and ignite change to deliver tangible revenue, cost, and customer experience benefits.

  • Notes maintained during training to drive specific messaging
  • Individual or group meetings to drive alignment and support
  • Key Note Report provided following session(s): observations, priorities, recommendations, success barriers and enablers

Bolt-on Option

Leveraging generated support, AssuringBusiness can develop strategy, execution plans, and specific business cases to ensure cost effective delivery against agreed objectives. Our efforts ensure transparent and measured change objectives and results.

Case Study

As a direct result of changes made following the Receivables Management MasterClass and 1-Day High-Velocity Workshop, one client measured and provided the results of their refreshed strategy. Changes were applied over a few weeks following event delivery and measured over subsequent months; end-to-end a 5-month change and result assessment period. Highlights include:


Key Result Indicators
  • 60% increase in collections; 37-89 day aging bucket
  • 50% increase in collections; 90-120 day aging bucket
  • 45% improvement in annualized bad debt ratio
  • Improved engagement with Marketing and Product Development

The training was well presented, including many real life examples and case-study exercises to crystallize the training with the participants. The trainers brought a wide range of business experience and a deep technical knowledge which helped us to increase our theoretical understanding and generate practical solutions to current business problems


M. Davies
Financial Control Director


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