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Engagement is the key to successful vendor projects

Success = Engagement

Our team members have been both buyers and vendors. We know what it's like to be on both sides of the fence and we understand that even with the best intentions, vendor projects and relationships can go off the rails. The main challenge we've seen causing derailment is a lack of proper engagement stemming from ambiguous requirements, solution and outcome definitions; a problem that sometimes begins at the pre-sales stage. And so a divergence of expectations begins and often widens as the project continues.


With our understanding of both spheres of interest, AssuringBusiness helps both clients and vendors achieve their goals. Our drive and determination to succeed, combined with strategic and domain expertise, means we can ensure alignment at the start of the relationship and throughout deployment to optimization. As a trusted and knowledgable independent 3rd party, we are able to strike the balance needed, and drive the engagement regime to ensure success.

Requirements to Contract


Form a robust understanding of business requirements. This may be to define the solution or to enable the business change necessary to leverage an 'out-of-the'box' (OOTB) solution, exploiting the vendor's knowledge and capability for more immediate success.


Technical, functional, commercial and operational requirements definition. Where the business is seeking an OOTB solution, specification of outcomes and change parameters permitted would be documented along with a detailed view of the environment.


Our support to the procurement process, leveraging our domain and solutions knowledge, helps to go beyond the sales pitch ensuring a clear understanding of capability and outcomes. Continued negotiation support often results in savings or benefits outweighing costs.


Turning intent into contract documentation is an imperative to frame success. Referenced deliverables and performance promises will affect all parties, and so contract and commercial structures can play a big part in motivation. We apply our experience to achieve sensible and mutually beneficial outcomes.

Project Success is just one call away

Avoid the costly impact of project failure. Optimize your success with AssuringBusiness Vendor Services.


Kick-off to Optimization


Project initiation sets the angle of trajectory. We help to ensure alignment across the vendor-client environment and ratify the project delivery organization and process. Our kick-off support helps the vendor-client team form strong bonds to drive a successful engagement.


Supporting the client and vendor project management and delivery resources where required; subject matter expertise, issue arbitration & resolution, rapid pivot & replanning, business-vendor engagement etc. Typically co-chair of the steering group or similar governance role.


Design appropriate testing regime, data structures and expected outcomes (using specially created and sample live data). Operationalize agreed test practices. Manage or support test teams. Ensure rational and detailed issue categorisation and reporting. Issue resolution management to go-live.


Taking baseline delivery to the next level. System, parameter and operational practice review and optimization. Enhanced functional training. Implement Performance & Innovation Center concept; drive continuous improvement. Implement Measurement, Reporting and Insights framework; visualize performance and benefits.

Unique challenges require unique talents

Let's face it, our core team have been around a bit! We've seen and tackled many challenges all over the world. But we also know that every enterprise has its own unique set of challenges; markets and customer behaviour, business culture, regulations, technology landscape and so on. That's why we listen carefully to ensure we configure our approach, and select talent, to meet exact needs.


Project Success is just one call away

Avoid the costly impact of project failure. Optimize your success with AssuringBusiness Vendor Services.


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