Business Assurance Principles

Business Assurance drives growth, revenue and sustainability by ensuring an appropriate balance of risk management with customer acquisition, retention and experience. With a sensible risk perspective, a Business Assurance strategy also seeks to improve operational effectiveness and efficiency to achieve consistent, high-performance operations. Intelligent operational and organisational design, combined with well-considered and correctly implemented technology, improves overall profitability and enables business goals.

Business Assurance scope often includes one or more of the Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management, Receivables Management and Security domains. Scope can also include other practice areas such as Business Continuity, Investigations and Enterprise Risk Management.

An enterprise may define the organisation of their Business Assurance practice as an actual function containing specialist sub-functions or teams, or as a virtual function with a process to connect relevant stakeholders throughout the business. There is no absolute right or wrong - each enterprise must define scope and organisation to suit their specific needs.

However, one guiding principle to consider is that of independence from core business operations. Business Assurance must be able to challenge and respond to observations in core business practices with impartiality and with no undue influence from other functions, in particular those that may cohabit their organisational branch. Although Business Assurance functions may reside alongside others, managers and Audit teams should ensure that good governance practices are in place to safeguard that practices focus on what is best for the enterprise, its customers and stakeholders.

What is Business Assurance?

Defining Business Assurance and exploring derivatives and attributes

Business Assurance manages risk whilst leveraging organisation, technology and operations to enable sustainable business growth, performance and profitability.

Good Business Assurance does not slow an enterprise down, it helps it move faster; strengthening revenues, reducing costs and enhancing customer experience while maintaining a sensible risk balance.

Business Assurance is impartial and always acts in the best interests of the enterprise’s stated objectives.

AssuringBusiness delivers Business Assurance Solutions and Services; Partnering in Profitability.

AssuringBusiness Highlights

AssuringBusiness provides Business Assurance solutions and services, all delivered with impeccable business common sense.

Although we concentrate on the Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management, Receivables Management and Security domains, much of our work also drives more general business improvement as these practices necessarily interact with many other business areas. 

Our expertise has primarily been focussed on the telecommunications, entertainment and media sectors, but we're also finding useful application of our philosophy in other industries too, particularly Utilities, Financial Services and Oil and Gas sectors. Read more about us here

If you'd like to explore how AssuringBusiness can improve your profitability through an innovative approach to Business Assurance, please read more on this site or Contact Us for a discussion around your precise needs.

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