Our Approach

AssuringBusiness is a collaboration of  seasoned, senior professionals with varied and specialised international experience. We work with business clients globally to define and execute strategy and performance uplift; start-up, transformation, evolution or troubleshooting. We love a challenge!


Our delivery model is flexible but we prefer to work as embedded talent within your business. That way, we get to know who you are, how you operate, what your dreams are and what could stop you achieving them. As team members, we become you. And from within, we can better influence and improve direction, operational detail and results. For us, results are the only real measure of success, so our ability to not just 'recommend' direction but also take a direct responsibility to help achieve your goals is important. 


For Communications Service Providers (CSP)/Telcos we provide a wide range of services including Business Assurance, Finance, Network and IT services. For ALL businesses we provide Business Optimization and Technology Services across industries. AssuringBusiness improves customer experience and business performance, growing revenues and profitability, whilst sensibly managing risk. 


With decades of hands-on operational, leadership and advisory experience, our proven resources and deep subject matter knowledge ensure successful high-impact outcomes. And all with a refreshingly different and personal approach. 


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Innovation is at the heart of growth

Every business can innovate. By harnessing the talent and providing a simple framework to drive innovation flow, your business can change forever.

Revenue Assurance in Telecoms; Basic Principles v2

Need to educate and get support for your RA strategy? Get this free paper.

Communications Service Providers (CSP)

Improving revenues, profitability and customer experience leveraging our extensive familiarity with the CSP sector with particular emphasis on Business Assurance domains: Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management, Credit & Collections, and Security.

Operational Efficiency & Effectiveness

Optimization of any business operations and/or Shared Service/BPO leveraging process, organization and technology components with an inherent performance wrapper. Including Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and other technology enablers.

Learn the RPA lessons of others
Accounts receivable management training
Test your prepaid vouchers and scratch cards for fraud
Improve Shared Services and BPO

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