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AssuringBusiness is a professional services firm providing interim management, advisory, consulting and right-sourcing options that enable our clients to set new directions and execute with confidence. We are a team of experienced leadership resources collaborating to provide dynamic and cost effective solutions to your strategic and operational resource needs. Working with a global network of specialist contractors and consultants, we offer a unique blend of talent and pricing that brings genuine and affordable business change. Although we specialize in the Communications Service Provider (CSP)/Telco and Financial Services sectors, our innovation, optimization and risk management services work well in all industries and business types. 

Leverage Our Knowledge Network

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA is the Digital Workforce


Article: RPA Strategy and Operational overview (download available)

Telecoms Revenue Assurance


Download: Revenue Assurance Basic Principles guide

Catch and Spread the Innovation Virus

Deliver innovation


Article: Learn how to infect your teams with the innovation virus

Selected Services

Robotic Process Automation

Improve the productivity and quality of your business processes, whilst reducing cost. Enhance customer and stakeholder experience through appropriate RPA considering core systems and combined with intelligent process evolution. Individual functions/processes or enterprise-wide.

Optimizing Shared Services & GBS

Design, build or improve your Shared Services or Global Business Services (GBS). Optimize cost, improve performance and enhance quality of services. Get clarity on performance measures and improve workforce engagement & attrition. Build stakeholder and customer experience and confidence. 

BPO Performance Management

Design, implement and optimize your Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) engagements. Secure ongoing cost and quality improvements. Ensure performance and strategic vision through well-defined Measurement, Reporting & Insights (MRI) with balanced process, people and technology.

Performance & Innovation Center

Every business has room for improvement. Establishing a Performance & Innovation Center (PIC) means that everyone has a part to play in the Continuous Improvement journey. Build - Operate - Transfer, Managed Service, Virtual Team or straight setup projects available.

Accounts Receivable Management

Improve cash flow and working capital. Balance effective end-to-end Credit Origination, Credit Control, Collections and Debt Recovery practices.  Ensure timely Cash Application and Reconciliation for a completely efficient Accounts Receivable process. 

Telecoms Business Assurance

Enable business growth, profitability and customer experience whilst managing risks. Design, build or fine-tune existing Business Assurance components (Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management, Receivables Management, Security) or transform operations.

Vendor Services

Enhance Solutions, Engagement and Outcomes

Leverage our unbeatable experience in business analysis, requirements capture & definition, solution design, procurement, negotiation, delivery planning, project management & governance, troubleshooting and project realignment, client-vendor engagement, implementation, testing, operations & use, and performance optimization.

Why AssuringBusiness


We do not force-fit resources; talent is selected especially for client and assignment needs. A truly cost-effective approach.


Seasoned, senior professionals with extensive strategic and operational experience. Thought-leadership at its best.


Consulting and operational engagement methodologies evolved since 1980's. Innovation and practicality combined.


Extensive international experience; market and cultural awareness. Internationally distributed expertise. True cost-effectiveness.

Unique Challenges Require a Unique Set of Skills

Let's face it, our core team have been around a bit! We've seen and tackled many challenges all over the world. But we also know that every enterprise has its own unique set of challenges; markets and customer behaviour, business culture, regulations, technology landscape and so on. That's why we listen carefully to ensure we configure our approach, and select talent, to meet exact needs.


Let's start a conversation. Follow the link and tell us a little about your challenge. We will make sure the right person responds.

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Receivables Management Training

The Accounts Receivable process is the heartbeat of any business. Poorly designed or executed AR/Receivables Management processes, functions or systems can increase bad and doubtful debt, reduce working capital and dramatically affect customer experience and attrition.


Our Receivables Management Training offers pragmatic and innovative strategic, design, performance management and operational learning that can be readily applied with rapid benefits. Find out more:

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